What does freeze dried dog food mean?

What does freeze dried dog food mean?

Freeze dried dog food might not seem like a very exciting topic, but at HOLI we recognize one of its most exciting potentials: creating healthful, all-natural and delicious food for every dog. Freeze drying food is one of the most important techniques that allow us to create our unique two-step, protein-packed meals. Here, we will explain how freeze drying works, why you should care, and how it’s actually super exciting.

We know that all of you pet parents are busy. We also know that dogs are incredibly important members of the family, so pet parents want to provide them with fresh, high-quality nutrition. Many dog owners would like to include raw or fresh ingredients in their dog’s diet. But that means more trips to the pet store, or storing dog food in the fridge or freezer. However, with freeze drying, pets and their parents can have the best of both worlds. Incorporating a raw diet has so many amazing benefits for a dog including better digestion, fresher breath, healthier weight maintenance, fuller coats, better skin, and less smelly stools¹. Pet parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience for this nutrition, and because of freeze drying, they don’t have to!

So how does freeze drying work? It’s actually extremely straight forward. The first step, as the name implies, is freezing the meat. Then, the pressure surrounding the meat is lowered which removes the moisture, leaving the meat dry¹. It’s that simple!

Freeze dried food is not the same as dehydrated food. To dehydrate food, the meat is heated up slowly so the water boils off. Essentially — dehydrating uses heat, but freeze drying uses cold². The reason why freeze drying is much better for your pup than dehydrating is that it preserves the flavor and nutritional integrity of the meat. Eating freeze dried food has the same nutrition as eating a raw diet. However, there are additional benefits. Our freeze-drying process includes steps to kill off harmful bacteria, and it results in a much longer shelf life¹. And unlike most dog foods, it maintains this shelf life without the use of preservatives.

It is worth mentioning that freeze dried food is typically more expensive than regular dog food, but the reason is because it is more calorie-dense. This means your dog will eat less of it, so buying the same amount of food will go a longer way.

So now you may be on board with freeze dried food, but you may be wondering why you should bother with HOLI. The answer is our unique combination of superfood base kibble and freeze-dried animal protein that allows you to customize meals for your pup. HOLI understands that not every dog is the same, and while any dog can sustain itself with regular pet store food, our food is specifically designed to help your dog thrive. The freeze dried meat is only one component of our product. Paired with our vet-developed, natural, meat-free kibble, we are providing way more nutrients than the average processed brand while still maintaining shelf-life and making your life easy by shipping a month’s worth of food right to your door.

Paired together, your dog is in for a delicious meal that will keep them feeling and looking amazing. With the way our meals work, you’ll be able to keep your pup interested by rotating the freeze dried meats while they get the appropriate nutrition from the kibble in every one of their meals.

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