What to Get the Dog Who Has EVERYTHING

What to Get the Dog Who Has EVERYTHING

The holidays are fast approaching, and now that your shopping list is slimming down, you’re left with that one dog who just has it all. Maybe it’s your own dog, or maybe a friend’s or family member’s. Whoever it is, that dog has every new toy before it even hits the shelves. But just because they’re spoiled doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to open a present this season! That’s why we—the experts at spoiling pups—are giving you a list of things you can get the dog who has everything


It wouldn’t be like us not to suggest you put some treats under the tree, but we’re including it for a reason! Think of any dog you know that never eats treats. Few and far between, right? Especially dogs who have everything…you know they get treats. Single ingredient treats are the perfect gift for those with allergies or sensitive tummies, but also for those jackpot rewards for the dog’s 50th training class that they’re in just for the fun of it. We run out of treats so quickly, it’s always a thoughtful and welcomed gift. Try a variety pack for a more “bulky” gift. 

Maybe that dog on your list has lick mats and puzzles galore, but it’s never a bad idea to add another enrichment item to their list! Pair a cute slow feeder with a bag of treats or topper to complete the gift. Enrichment is so important, so even if the dog has puzzles, it may work their brain in a different way. A lick mat, like those from SodaPup helps soothe, while a snuffle mat like this one from Awoof, engages their foraging instinct. Get creative and find something fun and different. Enrichment toys, in our opinion, are a much more thoughtful gift than a stuffed animal they’ll destroy in 5 minutes. 

Okay, so maybe the dog isn’t going to go snoot-over-paws opening up deodorizing spray, but their parents will! Grooming supplies are a fun gift to give because you can tailor the scents and the array of products. Maybe your friend is eco-conscious and you get them a shampoo bar, like those from Project Sudz, or some paw balm from Mushers. Pride and Groom makes a fantastic smelling dog perfume, which is a fun gift that people don’t always think to get themselves! Grooming supplies make cute gifts, too, because you can package them up with a shampoo, balm, and bathtub suction lick mat! You could also do a teeth cleaning kit, with a dental toy, some greenies, and a toothbrush. Toss them in a basket and you have a super thoughtful gift that your pet parent friend will very much appreciate! 

Not entirely related to grooming, but appreciated, are poop bags, paw wipes, and any other item dog parents go through like water. As strange as it sounds to gift poop bags, your friends will appreciate stocking up on what they use often. This includes gift cards to their favorite stores so they can get their dog food, treats, or more poop bags. 

With all the incredible small pet businesses popping up on instagram and Etsy, it’s easier than ever to find something adorable and unique. A tag personalized with a picture of what they are named after or their favorite activity can be a really thoughtful and sweet gift. We love the personalized metal tags by Sage Design Company, or @sage.designco on instagram. These tags come with the dog’s name as well as hand-picked designs and shapes. They are sophisticated and minimalistic, making it a great gift for anyone! If you want to go crazy, consider a matching set like this one from the Foggy Dog, or two tags for a collar and a keychain, like these from BuyStuffNotDogs. 

Whatever you end up getting for the dog in your life who has it all, nothing tops some quality bonding time with them. Our dogs really teach us that it’s the thought that counts, more than the material things in our lives. 

Happy HOLIdays 💜